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Individual Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance is there to help you receive the best medical care in clean, private surroundings at a time that suits you.

There are various types of medical insurance schemes for the individual based upon:-

  • Full medical underwriting
  • Fixed Moratorium
  • Rolling Moratorium
  • Switch (CME) for those switching from a competitor
  • Group Leaver Options for those members wishing to transfer to a personal membership scheme after leaving a company scheme arrangement

In addition to this we are able to advise on the benefits of joining a scheme with a No Claims Discount structure and / or a 6 weeks waiting scheme.


We are qualified to advise you on:

  • Your current arrangement now and at renewal stage
  • Looking at medical insurance for the first time
  • The benefits of a No Claims Discount Structure
  • Ways to make your scheme more competitive e.g. adding an excess level to your policy

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